Infinix has unveiled its 180W Thunder Charge Technology, which will debut on selected flagship phones in Q2 2022.

The new super-fast charging solution charges a device to 50% battery capacity from 1% in just 4 minutes. For comparison, typical charging features use batteries with a charging rate of 1 to 3C, while the 180W Thunder Charge Technology comes with an 8C rate.

To make this innovation possible, Infinix cooperated with the world’s leading battery manufacturers to develop a new 8C battery cell, the maximum-charging-rate- rechargeable lithium battery in the current industry.

The 8C cell also has lower internal resistance when compared with the conventional single electrode lug structure, plus a multi-electrode lug, which reduces more than 50% of the internal resistance and produces less heat.

In addition, the new 180W Thunder Charge solution also adopts automatic bidirectional-power supply technology to lengthen phone’s battery life by 2% compared to traditionally double cell battery-designed phones.

Moreover, it reduces the area of the power supply circuit by 60%, increasing the circuit layout’s precision and saving space.

So, who’s excited about this new technology, which will be available in the upcoming Infinix flagship smartphones?

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