UPDATE: Instagraph is now available in the Philippines! Check it out on your Windows Phone! Thanks Neil! Check it out here

Every Windows Phone user has been praying to get an Instagram app that can upload photos for Windows Phone 8. Finally, your prayers have been answered. Yes, it is now possible to upload photos to Instagram using your Windows Phone 8. Nope, it’s not the official Instagram on Windows Phone but this one is made by a 3rd Party and this app is called Instagraph. Unfortunately, this app comes in a price. Yep, it is not free on the Windows Phone Store and you need to shell out $2.49 for this app. But who cares? At least you can still upload photos on Instagram! There are more downsides of this app and if you want to know more about it check it out after the break.

Of course, you would still get the effects that you can see in Instagram but the downside about this thing is that it will took some time before it uploads to the server of Instagram according to the comments and as of this moment, only 3 photos uploads are allowed every day. They are currently upgrading their server to improve their services. And oh, Instagraph is not yet available in our region and only Windows Phone 8 users would be able to enjoy this app. Let’s just wait for the official release in our region. Click here if you want to check out the app.

Via Windows Phone Store


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