Well, A while ago my friend told me that the new Intel i7 core (which is codenamed Nehalem) is already priced and available at PCHUB. Well, I immediately went to the PChub’s pricelist to see the eye popping price of the new i7 Core and also the price of the Motherboard that can handle i7 Core(LGA1366)…..Prices After the JUMP

When I visited the PcHUB’s price list I saw these prices

Intel™ Core™ i7 920 2.66 ghz 8mb 4.8 GT/s box (lga1366)
Price … 15150 ‘limited stocks only’

Intel™ Core™ i7 940 2.93 ghz 8mb 4.8 GT/s box (lga1366)
Price … 30110 ‘order basis only’

wooah, The Processors are too fast and expensive O_O. Well of course, Since it was only release a few weeks ago, The prices are expensive.

Now, these are the prices of the MOBOs that can support the i7 Core

[LGA1366] Gigabyte GA-EX58-EXTREME PHP 22100.00
[LGA1366] Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 PHP 19500.00
[LGA1366] MSI X58 Eclipse PHP 17000.00

OMG!, The prices of the MOBOs are more expensive than the 920 processor lol.

All I can say is….. I just want a i7 Core rig 🙂


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