Yesterday I post about a laptop namely HP Tx2z. And the multi touching feature of the laptop seems to be cool, so I research some reviews of the Laptop and I one video that shows the multi touching feature of the laptop…..Video and Story after the jump

Okay so here’s the video:

If you already used an iPod Touch or an iPhone, I guess you have an idea what multi touching means. If you didn’t know what multi touching is, I suggest that you watch the video.

At the first part of the video you can see the multi touching feature already, He showed how to open a Mediasmart application. In Media Smart you can access you’re pictures,music,videos And others. You can also see that you can change the view of the pictures.

As you can see when he rotated the photo, The screen is not that responsive. And also when he zoom in the photo the screen is not also that responsive. If you notice, the gestures are almost same with the apple’s iPhone or iPod Touch.

And now, At the video they show that you can browse the internet using the tablet feature of the laptop and you can also use the pen (which is included in the laptop) on browsing the internet. After that, they show that you can also use the multi touching feature in the internet browser such as zooming in and clicking

And at the last part of the video you might heard that the guys said that the laptop is equipped by a ATI processor. I think the guy made a mistake on that :). And he also tell that there is a 2 GB ram when you start and a 250 GB HDD and it is equipped with a AMD Turion Dual Core processor and a Graphics of HD3200 (AFAIK it is equivalent with Geforce 7300GT). Well, For me that’s not bad.


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