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iPhone 5: Larger Screen, Lightning Connector, LTE, New design, iOS6 and Revamped camera

The iPhone 5. That’s the name. 7.6mm thin and 112 grams. (DAMN!!!). Finally the iPhone 5 now sports a 326ppi 4″ Retina display 1136 x 640 resolution but still fits in your hand. Yeah, basically a new design and a larger screenThe iPhone 5 also features a ultrafast wireless, basically that’s LTE! Yes! The super duper mega pooper ultra fast LTE is now on the iPhone 5!. There’s a processor upgrade too. There’s the A6 processor (No, that not a A5x which can be found on the new iPad) which is 2.1x faster than the A5 processor. There’s the 8 megapixel camera which was upgraded that features backside-illuminated sensor, five-element lens and f/2.4 aperture. Oh and it can do Panorama! (Sony Ericsson can do that a long time ago! dammit!).

They also have a new 8 pin dock connector they called lightning. It is 80% smaller, improved durability, reversible and easier to use. I guess a lot of accessory manufacturer are scratching their heads right now but don’t worry, there’s a dock for that but of course, you’ll have to add some $$$ for that. The iPhone 5 also features 3 microphones for better and clearer voice and nose cancellation

The iPhone 5 will be available in two colors — Black and White. The white version has a raw aluminum back while the black one has the black anodized backing. And just as expected, the iPhone 5 pricing will start at $199 and the Philippines isn’t even on 1st nor the 2nd wave of iPhone

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