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Is Globe offering Free Access to Facebook app? 

When I opened my Facebook app, I noticed something earlier today at the top most portion of my phone’s screen.

Globe is apparently offering free access to the Facebook app. Well, out of my curiosity – I click start now and tried the “free” Facebook. Well, there’s a black bar on the top-most that says free data. So far I only tried it on the Facebook app on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and all of the pictures, videos and files that are uploaded on Facebook could be accessed for free.

When I started Facebook, there was a start screen which prompts me that I’ll be able to have a free access to Facebook. TM subscribers are also eligible in the promo too. I explore further and tried clicking one post from a friend – and I saw this page

Did you see that black bar saying FREE DATA? Yeah, I know. I have free access to Facebook app. Probably anything that are not uploaded on Facebook may deduct your load. For example, when I tapped onto a Youtube video or a link that is outside, it prompts me that a they’ll charge me with their regular browsing rates. But when I watch a video that is uploaded to, it didn’t prompt me anything and it didn’t deduct my load.

I’m very interested with this new promo from Globe. It’s a very unique and cool promo. I don’t know if it is already available to all subscribers of Globe. Well, I’m hoping that it’ll be available on all Globe and TM Subscribers soon. Oh! and by the way, my load wasn’t deducted after browsing Facebook.

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta likes to create content about tech. But he also hates tech.


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