Whenever I go to Manila, JAC Liner or Ceres Transport are the buses that I prefer than others. Why? because it’s new and fast. And one day, I notice that JAC Liner offers a free wi-fi in their buses, cool huh?

It is the first bus in the Philippines that offers Wifi on-board. But some of their buses didn’t offer Wi-fi but most new buses from JAC Liner has wi-fi on board. Unfortunately, Ceres Transport (I don’t know if JAC Liner and Ceres Transport has the same owner) which travels to Batangas City Pier doesn’t offer Wi-fi.

If you ask me the speed, sometimes it’s too slow sometimes it’s fast. I asked the conductor and they said that they use Globe’s 3G. If you are inside the bus you can see that the Wifi has password, you’ll just need to ask the conductor for it.
Here’s the speed you can get sometimes inside the bus:
If you are going to Lucena, Balibago or Binan you might want to ride at JAC Liner. You can find their terminal near LRT Gil Puyat Station (Not sure about that)
Right now, JAC Liner & Lucena Lines offers free wifi when you are going to Lucena and Victory Liner which is going to the northern Philippines offers wifi too.

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