When I bought my iPod touch the first thing that I do to it is to jailbreak it. Why jailbreak? because a lot of things can be done if your iPod touch or iPhone has been jailbreaked. Jailbreaking is now Legal in US but downloading cracked apps is still illegal. Then why do we need to Jailbreak Windows Phone 7 too?

Reason # 1 Change the Theme – Microsoft said that changing or customization of the UI is not allowed on Windows Phone 7. What if jailbreaking the device can change the theme or UI of Windows Phone 7?. cool huh.

Reason # 2 More apps – Aside from cracked apps, More apps will be available to Windows Phone 7 users. Just like Apple, Windows Phone 7 has also its own app store, the Windows Marketplace.

Reason # 3 – Unlock those limitations – If you jailbreak your phone there are more things that you could’ve done to your device. Example of those limitation is multi-tasking. Windows Phone 7 does not enable Multi-tasking which most people need.

As of this posting, there are no available Jailbreak for Windows Phone 7 yet.


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