Jam Online’s Gadget Gift Guide is back for the holiday! It might be a little bit late because it is just less than a week before Christmas. But who cares. Christmas is coming and you guys might need some guide on which gadgets you should buy for your Girlfriend, enemy, friend, family or for yourself. So Jam is back to get your mind right….or just mess up your mind. Anyway, here are my suggestions on what you should buy for this christmas.

Urbanears Bagis

Bagis made it to our list again. It is one of the most stylish headphones out there but also one of the most affordable. It has the combination of the fabric and rubber but the construction feels very sturdy and won’t easily torn. It is available in many colors which makes it more stylish.

Price: P1,200
Available at: Most Apple Resellers

Cherry Mobile Flare

The Cherry Mobile Flare must be one of most phone this year. Why? Because this phone packs a dual-core processor and a 4″ IPS display and yet it still delivers a 4k price tag. It is also powered by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Pretty amazing right? The only problem that you can have is that the stocks of Cherry Mobile Flare is really hard to find. Almost all stores are out of stock and CM is doing everything to catch up to the demand.
Price: P3,999
Available at: Cherry Mobile Kiosks and stores

iPod Touch 5th Generation

When the iPhone 5 was launched. I was kinda disappointed to it because I expected to much. But when I saw the iPod touch 5th generation. I said to myself. “Wow, this is a beauty. This is a device that must be included in your ‘must-have list’. This is an awesome device. The iPod Touch 5th gen starts at a higher storage and a higher price. Oh and before I forgot. The device got a 4” retina display and it is available in variety of colors.

Price: P16,490 (Apple Resellers)  12,890 (Widget City)
Available at: Widget City, Apple Resellers and Apple Online Store

Meizu MX

I haven’t tested this phone yet but who cares! This is the most affordable quad-core phone in the Philippines! You can’t find this phone anywhere, It is only available in online store. Don’t worry about the OS, it is also available in English. So what’s inside? a quad-core processor, 8 megapixel camera and a 4.0″ screen. Not bad.
Price: P13,790
Available at: Widget City

Nexus 7

IMO, this is the best Android Tablet around. Why? It has a 7″ screen with 1280×800 resolution, a quad-core processor and it is powered by Jelly Bean. But do you know why I think the Nexus 7 is the best tablet? This thing will costs you less than 15 freakin thousand pesos! This device is great for gaming and of course, for tablet use. Too bad there’s no MicroSD slot but who cares! this baby is available in 16 or 32 GB variant.
Price: P13,400
Available at: Widget City

iPad Mini

Almost every Apple Fanboy must be praying to have this tablet too this christmas. This is the iPad mini. Apple’s offering for the people who wants an iPad experience on a smaller device. The iPad mini specifications is almost the same with the iPad 2. This baby got a A5 processor, 5 megapixel camera and a 7.9″ display. If you already have a device that has a large PPI. You might be disappointed with this one. But hey, the iPad mini is still a pretty damn good device. Check out my Hands-on here.
Price: P18,400
Available at: Widget City

Samsung Galaxy Note II

4.8″ too small for you? Here’s a device that can make all your phones very small, the Samsung Galaxy Note II. This big bad boy got a gigantic 5.3″ screen and this is powered by a quad-core Exynos processor which is enough to play some of latest cool games like GTA:VC at max settings without a problem. This one got a special S-pen that you can use for different applications. This is an awesome device unless you don’t want a monstrous device
Price: P25,000
Available at: Widget City, Malls and Samsung Stores
So that’s it folks! Well, these are not the best devices out there in the market but I hope that I didn’t mess up your mind.

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