I’ve reviewed a lot of JBL headphones before and I can say that they’re really making high-end entertainment system. Not only that they’re categorize as high-end earphones but they also create stylish and premium design on their headphones.

The JBL J55 review unit that I got is the black one and it looks very premium. The JBL J55 has a matte plastic body and it feels very sturdy. One unique feature that I that I love and hate in the JBL J55 is you can rotate the earcups for up to 180 degree. I love it because I can rotate but most of the time, I get annoyed with it because most of the time, I accidentally rotate the earcups.

The cable is flat that’s why it has less tangles and the it’s thick so you don’t have to worry about the wire inside it getting torn off. FYI, I love cables that are thick and flat. The cables are also long enough for my use. Not bad at all.

The earpads is one of the things that you’ll love in the JBL J55, it’s very soft and it’s very comfortable to use. Of all the on-ear headphones that I’ve trie, I think the JBL J55 was the most comfortable of em’all.

JBL is very proud that the JBL J55 is made for those people who love bass and yes, you won’t be disappointed when you choose the JBL J55. The bass was good and you can hear how it pummels in your ear.

If you’re looking outside the bass, you might notice the sound gets muffled because the sound gets deeper than I expected but don’t worry, it wasn’t really that noticeable.

JBL J55 is made for the people who love bass. Its design and construction are really worth for its price and it is one of the most premium looking that ‘s available in the market. The bass of the JBL J55 wasn’t disappointing too and overall, I really like the JBL J55.

The JBL J55 is now available at JBL Acoustical Space Megamall, JBL Sound Gallery BGC, and JBL Digital Dreams SM North.


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