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Kristn: The digital go-to girl that you SHOULD check out

Finding the best restaurants around the metro is kinda hard to find and before checking out a resto, sometimes we check for reviews or other infos about those restaurants before we check them out. Oh and in movies, sometimes we don’t know what’s the latest movies around and most of the time, we want to know the synopsis and the characters first. Thankfully, there’s Kristn. You can check out the coolest and latest restaurants, movies, fashion, tech and gadgets, and many more.

Basically, Kristn is a portal on where you can check out infos about food & dining, fashion & beauty, movies, travel, music & events, tech & gaming, men’s corner and night out that offers original content and some other cool infos by celebrities on where they usually hangout and some other things like the clothes and styles that they like and the gadgets that they love.

I’m pretty sure that you guys wanna check out what Solenn wants

The thing that I really like in here is that you can comment and rate some stuffs in restos, gadgets, movies and in other categories. You can rate from 1-5 the gadget or the food that you just ate or anything that you’ve tried. Since JAM Online is a blog about technology, I played and browsed the Tech and Gaming category on Kristn. Just like what I’ve told you earlier, I really like Kristn because it offers ratings and informations like the specifications of the gadget oh and the SRP too. Pretty interesting huh?

Yeah, so Kristn is like a all-in-one app that you need when you need information about anything and almost everything that you need. Don’t worry folks! To those people who loves to use their mobile devices for browsing the internet and checking out apps. Kristn will have its own app on the iOS and Android soon. Here’s a preview on what to expect on the Kristn app:

I think this app is amazing. All the things that you want to check is in a single app. Kristn isn’t out yet but expect that this will be available soon so just check out regularly to know the latest updates or just sign up to their beta test. Oh and hey, I love the cute Kristn avatar.

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Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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