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Is this the iPad Mini?

Do you like Android tablets because they’re smaller and much more affordable than the very popular iPad. Well, this rumour might change your view about the iPad. These pictures came from Bolopad and they just gave us a glimpse of what seems to be the iPad Mini. And according to them, it’ll have a 7.8″ screen. I doubt that Apple will be releasing a 7.0″ tablet since Steve Jobs said that 7.0″ are already dead on arrival (Yeah he said that when he was still alive). 7.8 inch screen would sound good since it isn’t that small and not that big and I’ve tried the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 and I think the screen is just great especially to those people who think that 7″ is too small for tablets.

I hope that Apple would consider making a tablet that is below 9.7″ and make it more affordable since tablets are already getting cheaper these days. You can even buy a tablet that’s below five thousand pesos. Anyway, the rumoured iPad mini is expected to have a lightning connector which can also be found on the iPhone 5. No other infos about the leaked iPad mini but I guess, this one would have a widescreen display but I doubt that it will have the retina display because having a retina display on a tablet would mean more pricier parts which will turn to a more expensive tablet. There will be a dual cameras for sure since there’s Facetime and I guess it will have the same camera that can be found on the iPod touch. For the processor, well I hope that this one would be equipped with the latest A6 processor. Anyway, these are just rumours and I can’t confirm anything yet.

Via Bolopad

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