Lenovo Philippines is going big this time with AMD as the company has just announced brand new laptops powered by AMD Ryzen processors but of course, they’ve also refreshed some of their notebooks with Intel processors but today, we’re gonna focus on the AMD-powered Ideapad notebooks.

The all-new notebooks from Lenovo with AMD processors are ranging from Ideapad Flex up to Ideapad Slim 3 and Slim 5. The entry-level one will be powered by an AMD Athlon 3050 CPU that will cost you Php19,995. But the best part? all products from Lenovo will come with PCIe SSD so despite having a slower processor, all of their notebooks will have a fast storage speed so you can expect faster booting and faster file transfers on the notebook.

Check out the products from the Ideapad lineup that will feature an AMD Processors:

Those are just some of the new products from Lenovo Philippines that runs on AMD Ryzen processor. It’s quite interesting because not only that all of them packs a PCIe SSD inside, some of them comes with a pre-installed Microsoft Office 2019 Lifetime license that is worth Php6,995.


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