Yes, I’m back again. My left eye is not completely healed but I can now see using my left eye. Anyway, I just discovered a while ago that the level up live 2009 site is already up. By the way, Domination III (which is from e-games) is just next week and we have a countdown timer at their site

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Level up live 2009 will be on November 7-8 2009 at World trade center at Roxas Blvd. Level up games is already starting some tournament In-game for the upcoming LU! live like the CUS or City under siege in RF online.

Level up live 2009 site


  1. Gusto ko sana pumunta kasi bakasyon naman kaso hindi pa din magaling mata ko. Maraming pang gagawin sa mata ko XD. Hahaha. Pati medyo malayo layo ang SMX O_O XD


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