I’ve been using the Roku Powered TVolution Box for a while now and there are so many things to love about it. In case you didn’t know, it’s a streaming box that lets you access different services and watch it straight in your living room. But in my months of use of the Roku Powered TVolution Box, what do I like with this service? Well, here are the things that I love about the Roku Powered TVolution Box.

It’s easy to use

The Roku Powered TVolution Box is very easy to use. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the UI of Roku Powered TVolution Box is very easy to understand and very easy to use as there are only a few buttons and shortcuts on the remote.

You can watch TV channels using Cignal

The biggest advantage of having the Roku Powered TVolution Box compared to other streaming boxes is that you can watch live TV channels on the Roku Powered TVolution Box using the Cignal app. Yes, you can even watch HBO and NBA on this thing…LIVE!

Iflix is free!

If you’re a fan of Iflix, here’s a good news for you. Iflix is free for Roku Powered TVolution subscribers. Yes, it’s free and you can watch thousands of hours of contents on Iflix anywhere. Oh and the best part? Iflix on TVolution is locally cached that’s why the shows that you are watching loads really fast on PLDT subscribers.

You can use your USB flash drive to access your media files

Another advantage of having the Roku Powered TVolution Box is that you can access your media files using the USB port that you can find at the back of the streaming box. With this, you can check out your media files and display them on your TV.


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