Almost 2 days is left and the last Macworld will begin. Steve Jobs will no longer announce the keynote. But what do you expect at macworld 2009. Do you want a Mac mini or a Macbook pro 17″ for the macworld?.

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There are some rumours that there will be a new macbook pro 17″ and a new mac mini.

Engadget said that the new mac mini will be equipped with the nVidia chipset which was also use in the macbook. The mac mini is now also equipped with a aluminum casing like the macbook & the macbook pro and it has also a mini display port, Mini DVI connector and a SATA optical drive for the second HDD

While the macbook pro 17″ is now unibody like the macbook and the macbook pro and it is expected to be slim, extended life and last but not the least the non removable battery which is very disappointing. But hey, The macworld 2009 haven’t started yet so don’t be sad and lonely.

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