Here’s a new and fun way to spice up your mobile phone!

Nokia, the world’s number 1 mobile phone brand, offers you the newest, coolest and most exciting form of entertainment on your cellphone with Nokia Message Critters!

Message Critters is a cool, new app where you have your very own Critter – cute, fun and virtually alive digital creatures on your Nokia X2-01 and Nokia C3 that you can dress and accessorize according to your preference. Your Critter can take on your choice of personality — Emo, Diva/Billionaire, Jock/Cheerleader, Geek, Beach/Surfer, Corporate, Student, Rockstar, Hippie, and HipHop.

It’s easy to customize your Critter! Just play the mini games and send SMS using the app to gain Critter Points that you can use to dress up and make your Critter look cool and fashionable.

Try these three exciting built-in games in the Message Critters app:
1. Card Chaos – Rearrange the cards in the grid so that their number values sum up to 15 on all sides. If you finish the grid before the time runs out, you will earn Critter points. The fewer swaps you make, the more Critter points you earn!

2. Jewel Juggle – Create as many vertical or horizontal matches of 3 or more objects as you can before the time runs out. The more objects you match, the more Critter Points for you.

3. Word Winder – Rearrange the jumbled letters to form one word. Form as many words as you can within the given time limit to earn more Critter Points.

When playing the mini games, your Critter will eventually get hungry and dirty, so you need to feed it or give it a bath. Plus, it will jump and give you an adorable smile when you play a game and send messages. It’s just like having a pet that you can take anywhere, anytime on your mobile phone!

Be the first to show and tell your friends about this latest, coolest and definitely fun mobile trend. You can download the Message Critters app to your Nokia X2-01 or Nokia C3 phone by going to the Ovi Store at

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