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MSI PRO MP251 Series now official

MSI has introduced the new PRO MP251 Series, the first-ever 24.5-inch 100Hz EyesErgo Business Monitor.


The Ideal Size for Enhanced Productivity

The PRO MP251 Series is a pioneering 24.5-inch 100Hz eyecare commercial monitor, setting new standards in the display industry. This monitor’s design ingeniously combines high refresh rates with cutting-edge eye protection, redefining the professional monitor landscape.

With a 24.5-inch screen, this monitor perfectly balances screen real estate and desk space. It seamlessly fits onto office desks and workstations, ensuring users have ample room for essential work materials. Compared to conventional 23.8-inch monitors, the PRO MP251 Series offers over 5% more display area within the same physical footprint, enhancing the visual experience while reducing eye strain.

Hours of extensive research have led to selecting the 24.5-inch width as the optimal size, enhancing comfort and concentration within the human field of vision when placed on a desk that’s 60~80 cm deep. This ergonomic design minimizes distractions and aids users in maintaining focus on tasks.

EyesErgo: Prioritizing Eye-Care and Ergonomic Design

The PRO MP251 Series places eye care at the forefront, going beyond aesthetics. It incorporates various ergonomic design elements:

  • Blue Light Reduction: To mitigate the potential for eye strain and sleep disturbances due to prolonged exposure to blue light.
  • Flicker-Free Technology: This technology effectively eliminates screen flicker, a common cause of eye fatigue. It provides a smoother visual experience, reducing eye strain and enhancing overall comfort during long work hours.
  • Eye-Q Check Function: Professionals who spend extended hours in front of screens will appreciate this innovative feature. It enables users to perform self-checks on their eyes, ensuring optimal eye health and taking proactive measures to protect it.
A Productivity Powerhouse


The PRO MP251 Series isn’t solely focused on visuals; it’s designed to elevate productivity:

  1. Accessory Slot: The monitor’s stand comes with an accessory slot, providing easy access to essential tools and gadgets, streamlining workflow.
  2. Display Kit App: This application enhances productivity by offering access to essential tools and settings, customizing the monitor to specific needs, ensuring an efficient and productive workspace.
  3. Built-In Speakers: Equipped with built-in speakers, the monitor is ideal for online conference calls and online courses. The high-quality audio output enhances communication and ensures a seamless virtual meeting experience.
  4. VESA Wall-Mount Support: For a more flexible installation, the PRO MP251 Series offers VESA wall-mount support. Users can set up their monitors in the way that best suits their unique workspace.

So, who’s getting the new Pro MP251?

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