Sometimes, we really hate to get a postpaid line because of bill shocks. And one of the phone that is very popular that is only officially available in our networks is the iPhone 5. Well, you could buy grey market units on online stores. But if you don’t want a grey market unit then you can now rejoice again my friends because an unlocked iPhone 5 will be coming to your favorite Apple resellers, Beyond The Box, Digital Walker and Digital Hub. It will be available at a price that is very close on the networks. But if you don’t have the bucks to have the taller and better iPhone 5, then you can also opt for the much cheaper iPhone 4s and iPhone 4 which is also available in unlocked version. The unlocked iPhone 5 is priced at P33,600 , P38,780 and P43,950 for 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB respectively. While the unlocked iPhone 4S and the unlocked iPhone 4 is available for P28,425 and P19,415 respectively. And again, you can get those unlocked iPhones at Digital Walker, Digital Hub and Beyond the Box.


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