Looks like Cherry Mobile will be launching a very powerful tablet soon. Tegra Note 7 will be launched this Saturday and I can’t help but notice the Cherry Mobile logo on the Tegra Note 7 launch invitation. Tegra Note 7 is powered by NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor and there’s a 7-inch HD display with support for stylus. Last year, NVIDIA has announce the Tegra Note platform in where the OEMs could use the NVIDIA Tegra 4 reference design and create affordable Tegra 4 tablets and it looks like Cherry Mobile is the first local brand to have a Tegra 4 tablet. One thing to love about Tegra 4 is that it can have an Antutu score of more than 30,000. 
So why do I think Cherry Mobile would have a Tegra Note 7 despite NVIDIA didn’t announced anything regarding a Cherry Mobile Tegra Note 7? Well, Why in the world would NVIDIA put a Cherry Mobile Logo at their invitation if Cherry Mobile wouldn’t have a Tegra device?, Right?
If you’re interested on going to the Tegra Note 7 launch, you can register here and you might get a chance to win a Tegra Note 7 tablet! Who knows, it might be a Cherry Mobile tablet powered by Tegra 4!


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