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JBL J88 Review

JBL J88 is of my most favorite cans that I’ve tried. And yes, this is much better than the JBL J55 that I’ve reviewed before.  The JBL J88 is also one of the biggest cans that I’ve tried and yes, the audio quality was just superb. 

The JBL J88 that I got for review is the white one and the combination of white and orange was really enticing and it looks really cool. Despite having a superb sound quality, I am not really a fan of its frame. Sometimes, I feel that the frame might break anytime because the headphones is too big however, I think if JBL make the frame more solid and thicker, the JBL J88 would be too heavy for a headphone.
The JBL J88 is a little bit heavy and too big compared to other headphones but the JBL J88 was very comfortable to use.  Since there’s a big can on this device that can be swivelled, there is big padding too which is very soft and very comfortable to the ears. I enjoy using the headphones especially when I’m editing videos and stuff.

The wire of the JBL J88 is long enough for any use and I appreciate that JBL included a flat wire for the JBL J88. Flat wires has less chances of getting tangled wires in your pocket and yes folks, the wire is detachable and there’s a free pouch inside that’s why it is fun to use and more portable

The bass of the headphones is one of its strongest points. The lows are great on this cans however I think the JBL J88 needs more power when it comes to mids and highs. The mids and highs of the headphones aren’t really that good and probably, you’ll only notice the bass on this headphones

The JBL J88 is now available for P6,690 at Harman/JBL Concept Stores.
Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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