Skyrim Streaming on Project Shield

CES 2013 is here! And we know that every CES, we always have Techgasms on every news that we see on different blogs and websites. Like this one, a gaming controller which reminds me of Xbox 360 controller and also a gaming device with a 5″ HD screen. This is also powered by Tegra 4 which was announced the same day. FYI, Nvidia claims that the Tegra 4 is the world’s fastest mobile processor. I was also excited to know that this device will be powered by Android Jelly Bean which means that a lot of games on Android will also work on this device. Yeah, you could play Dead trigger, GTA:VC and a lot of Android games on this device. (Hurray!). Want to know more about the device? Click read more!

Aside from having a fast Tegra 4 processor and Android Jelly Bean OS, the Project Shield will be also able to play PC games. How can the device do that? First, you need to have a GeForce video card and then you can stream your selected PC games to your Project Shield device. There’s TegraZone too in where you can download Android games which has better graphics than the one that can be found on Google Play. Tegra optimized games are known for having better graphics and more effects than the normal one. You can also plug in the device to your HDTV because the Project shield has HDMI. There’s a USB, audio jack and MicroSD card slot too. The battery life is expected to last up to 5-10 hours.

The price of this device wasn’t announced. I don’t think this device would be out very soon. If this thing would be produced soon, Well I hope that it won’t have a price tag that could hurt your pocket. Asus Nexus 7 was powered by Nvidia Tegra 3 and that tablet had an amazing low price. I hope that the Nvidia Project Shield could have a very affordable price too when it’s launch. I just have doubts about this device because not all have a fast network and the streaming of games from PC is only allowed on selected Nvidia graphic cards. I hope that they could add some more features on this device.

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