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Top 3 things that I like about Windows 8

Windows 8 is great. I think. If you followed me on twitter, you’ll notice that I’m an Apple Fanboy. Ahm, well not really because I didn’t like the iPhone. I’ve been using a Macbook Pro and I always update my laptop to the latest OS X for the past 2 years. I only use Windows on Bootcamp when I’m playing games or applications that can only be run on Windows. FYI, Bootcamp is the application that you’ll use to install and use Windows natively on a Mac. When Windows 8 was announced, I was very excited to know that it’ll be optimize for touchscreen devices and the latest iteration of Windows could run on ARM processors. Awesome right? If you want to know more about the things that I like in Windows 8 then check it out by clicking read more

Windows 8 is optimized for touchscreen devices

Touchscreen devices are the future. There are Windows tablets even before the iPad was release. iPad just started the tablet revolution. The large library of apps that’s available on iOS helped the rise of the most popular tablet in the world right now, the iPad. And now, the world’s most popular operating system adapts the touchscreen devices. I’m not sure what will be Windows’ direction but since they adapted the Metro look, I guess they can’t turn their back. Imagine this, with Windows 8, instead of buying a tablet and a notebook, you could have both in one device. Why? Windows 8 paved the way for Hybrid, touchscreen notebooks and new devices.

Convergence. It’s here.

The Metro UI came first from Zune devices and then we saw it at Windows Phones and then the Microsoft’s desktop OS, Windows finally adapted the UI too. The services and products that Microsoft are making points to one thing — Convergence. Microsoft wants us to get used to the Metro UI of Windows Phones and Windows 8. IMO, the ecosystem of Microsoft isn’t that good compared to Google. But hey, what if we could have a single device for our phone and a Full PC by just docking it? That’s an awesome innovation for Windows.  I guess, the Windows 8 is that start of something. It’s the start of Convergence.

Windows 8 focus on apps

We loved how Apple executed the Apps on the iOS and now Microsoft did the same for the Windows Phone and Windows 8. Windows 8 has a lot of pre-installed metro apps like Music, Xbox, Bing, Photos, Messaging, Windows Store and More. Those are just some of the apps that are pre-installed on the new Windows devices. Windows Store is the Rival of Apple’s Mac App Store. Windows Store still has a few apps as of this moment. I think, it would grow soon since it’s Windows. It’s the OS that people got used to. It’s popular. Every new PC will be powered by Windows 8. C’mon!

These are just the 3 things that I like about Windows 8. Some of you might have a different view or perspective on Windows 8. I know, Windows 8 has a lot of cons like those expensive devices, hard to use in desktop and lot more. And FYI, I just bought a Samsung Ativ Smart PC at Amazon because I wanted to go back to Windows from Mac.

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