I’m crying right now. Tears of joy. I still can’t believe that the Nvidia Tegra K1 can now match the performance of a desktop GPU. And no, this is a SoC made for mobile. I still can’t believe that the Nvidia Tegra K1 has a 192-core GPU and it uses the Kepler architecture that was used in the desktops. Yes folks, the Nvidia Tegra K1 is even powerful than the PS3 and Xbox 360. The Nvidia Tegra K1 also comes 64-bit and it is even faster than the Apple’s A7 chip which can be found on the Apple iPhone 5s. The Nvidia Tegra K1 will come in a 32-bit, quad-core Cortex A15 clocked up to 2.3GHz and a 64-bit, dual-core Denver CPU, a custom designed CPU based on ARM V8 64-bit  clocked at 2.5GHz. Why don’t you just check out the Unreal Engine 4 demo of the Nvidia Tegra K1 after the break.

Oh man, Imagine if this chip is already inside our phones and tablets right now. I wish we could play GTA V on our mobile phones and tablets very very soon.

Image via Nvidia Blog


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