ChatGPT is the hottest thing to hit in the internet in a while and if you’re a big fan of this AI chatbot that can help you in your assignments and project then you would be happy to know that ChatGPT is now available for iOS. But there’s a catch though.

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The ChatGPT app is only available on iOS for US App Store only. So if you’re living outside the United States of America just like me then we better have to wait for the app and we have to rely on the web version instead.

If you’re not familiar with ChatGPT, the AI chatbot responds to prompts and questions in a conversational, engaging style. Not only that, but users can harness the AI’s creativity, eliciting outputs like poems, code snippets, scripts, and even musical compositions.

For now, we have to use the web version and we have to wait for the iOS and Android app to arrive in the Philippines


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