OPPO F5 is the latest smartphone from the Chinese company and it’s a big change to the OPPO smartphones as the smartphone now packs a 2017 flagship-ish design as the OPPO F5 packs an 18:9 bezel-less design and also an A.I. Technology inside. So what do I think about the smartphone? Check it out in our review below.

An all-new design

The all-new OPPO F5 now features a better and new design. It’s now taller and more ergonomic thanks to its 6.0-inch FullView screen with an 18:9 Display Aspect Ratio which is best for multitasking and reading web pages because you can see more texts at a more ergonomic display. Is it bad? No, it’s actually pretty good for its price range as the OPPO F5 sports an FHD+ resolution which is clear and crisp.

The smartphone feels very comfortable to use and to hold and it’s the first from the Chinese company to have an 18:9 display aspect ratio which changes the overall on how you use a smartphone. The build quality? It’s pretty much the same but again, the new display aspect ratio of the smartphone changes the feel of the smartphone.

Surprisingly, OPPO still hasn’t made a change when it comes to ports as the OPPO F5 still uses a MicroUSB port and thankfully, they’re not following the trend of removing the 3.5mm audio jack on the smartphones. Yes, you might save a lot of space that you can use for battery or other hardware internals when you remove the 3.5mm audio jack but I’m pretty sure that a lot of us Filipinos still love that audio jack. Unfortunately, there’s no fast charging that is present on the OPPO F5. I actually miss the VOOC fast charging technology of OPPO now and I barely see that feature these days on new OPPO smartphones.

Since the OPPO F5 loses the home button on the front of the smartphone, the sexy OPPO F5 has now placed the fingerprint scanner on the smartphone at the back. It’s fast but if you don’t want to use that fingerprint scanner, you can always opt for the face unlock of the smartphone which is by the way pretty fast, however, that feature is useless when you’re in the dark. But still, I quite liked it and I was satisfied with it.

Most OPPO smartphones already have this feature and I’m glad that they didn’t removed it on the OPPO F5. The smartphone still packs a triple card tray which means the smartphone can handle 2 sim cards along with a MicroSD card. No need to sacrifice one of your Sim cards just to give way for the MicroSD.

A really good display

One of the biggest features of the OPPO F5 is its display. The smartphone got a 6.0-inch Full HD+ display with 18:9 display aspect ratio. Again, the display of the smartphone is taller and it feels better than most OPPO smartphones because despite having a large display, the smartphone feels more comfortable to use even on one hand.

The colors are pretty good and the display looks great in its price range. It isn’t the best one in the market I’m pretty satisfied with it and the display of the smartphone is very visible even when using outside. Thankfully, it doesn’t have the same cool colors of the other displays of the OPPO smartphones that we’ve reviewed before.

Surprising performance

OPPO F5’s performance was surprising. It’s running on MediaTek MT6763T and surprisingly, the performance of the smartphone was great. It can run applications and even heavy games at pretty good framerates. The smartphone can run any games that you put on the smartphone, however, sometimes, you need to adjust the settings of the game to run the game satisfyingly.

Since the smartphone has a taller 18:9 display, some of the apps that aren’t updated couldn’t do fullscreen on the smartphone but again, most of the apps now that are running on a smartphone doesn’t have problems and running games on fullscreen without the black bars is an enjoyable experience.

The smartphone is still running on Android Nougat with ColorOS 3.2. The UI of the smartphone is very similar to OPPO smartphones that we’ve reviewed before. We’re quite happy with it as the smartphone performs well and the smartphone was running pretty well without lags and slowdowns on most basic tasks. The software of the smartphone was running well and it’s pretty smooth.

Best Camera on an OPPO smartphone

OPPO F5 has the best camera in their lineup. The smartphone doesn’t have a dual-lens camera on the front unlike the OPPO F3 but we’re pretty happy with what we got in its camera. Both the front and rear camera of the smartphones can get good bokeh shots despite only having a single camera. It’s not perfect but it’s quite fine. The color reproduction of the camera was good and the front camera? It’s the best one that I’ve reviewed in an OPPO smartphone. Check out the shots that we got on the front camera of the smartphone.

Here are some of the shots that we got on the rear camera of the smartphone.

I’m pretty satisfied with it. The A.I. Beautification of the smartphone really works and their beautification works really well compared to other smartphone brands. The selfies are really better and the skin tones were just natural. I actually love the OPPO F5’s selfie camera. It’s probably one of the best selfie cameras of the smartphone.


The OPPO F5 is a solid smartphone. It performs really well in all aspects and I love the form factor of the smartphone as this one is taller which means the smartphone is ergonomic and handy despite its large 6.0-inch display. The resolution of the display was pretty good too as this one has a Full HD+ resolution.

I was surprised with its camera too as the smartphone performs really well and the thermals of the smartphone were really good and it’s actually my favorite MediaTek processor now. Both the rear and front camera of the smartphone was really good too and I love the shots that I got in Singapore using the OPPO F5. Actually, the OPPO F5 is my main camera that I’ve used in Singapore instead of using my mirrorless camera.

The OPPO F5 is a really great midrange smartphone. Actually, it’s the best midrange smartphone that I recommend to you right now.


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