Smart Bro has recently introduced a promo in where you can add 1GB for 1 day for a very affordable price of P15. This is perfect if you want to consume more data for browsing the internet, watching videos and many more. Home Boost 15 is an add-on to Giga Surf 50.

This promo is only available to LTE Home WiFi subscribers and it is only available as an add-on on top of the current subscription worth Php50 up like Giga Surf 50.

Smart LTE Home WiFi is perfect for heavy data users like me and despite being wireless, the LTE Home WiFi is really fast and I’ve been watching binge watching on Iflix and Netflix without buffering.

The LTE Home WiFi from Smart is now available for only Php1,995 at Smart Online Store and it comes with free 10GB of data valid for 7 days.


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