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OPPO Showcases AI Innovations with Google at Cloud Next ’24

OPPO took center stage to unveil its latest AI innovations and collaboration with Google Cloud at the Google Cloud Next 24 conference. This partnership with Google aims to introduce powerful AI capabilities to OPPO and OnePlus smartphones.


One of the key announcements was the integration of Google’s Gemini models into various OPPO and OnePlus product lines. This move will enable upgrades and advancements in AI experiences on their smartphones. OPPO and OnePlus plan to roll out a series of innovative AI features leveraging the Gemini models throughout 2024.

OPPO also discussed its comprehensive approach to the full-stack transformation and ecosystem restructuring required for AI Phones, addressing hardware platforms, intelligent systems, and ecosystem development.

One of the AI features showcased by OPPO was the AI Eraser, which allows users to identify and remove objects from images, seamlessly filling in the background. Powered by OPPO’s proprietary AI recognition and image-filling technology, AI Eraser can currently recognize over 120 categories of objects and will be rolled out to devices like the Reno 11 Pro, Reno 11, Reno 11 F, Find N3, and Find N3 Flip.


OPPO and OnePlus are actively collaborating with Google to integrate cloud AI products into more mobile devices, enabling capabilities such as news article summaries, real-time audio content organization, and creative social media content generation.

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