This the moment that you’ve been waiting for Playstation fans. After the announcement of the Playstation 4, they finally revealed the console and the price of the next generation console. If you can still remember, the Playstation 4 was announced a few months ago and they just revealed the redesigned controller and not the console itself. The design of the Playstation 3 is back to its boxy design compared to the curvy Playstation 3. I noticed that they still want it as an upright device. But of course, the Playstation 4 isn’t complete without the games. Check out some of the games and accessories that will be in the Playstation 4 after the break.

The Playstation Eye will be optional to the device so you’ll have to cash out some more for that. Some of the known games that will surely come to Playstation 4 are Diablo 3, Grand Theft Auto V, Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Metal Gear Solid V. Compared to Microsoft’s Xbox One, The Playstation 4 doesn’t have online restrictions and this one has a much affordable price at $399. If you’ll ask me which one between the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 should I choose, I’ll place my bucks on the Playstation 4 because this one doesn’t have an online requirement and this one has a much affordable price. The new features of the Xbox One are mostly focus on entertainment hub for the US market while PS4 focuses on games.


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