PLDT and DITO has signed an interconnection deal in where both companies has entered into an agreement for the construction of a transmission facility that will serve as the point of interconnection for their subscribers.

The interconnection hub will deliver intercarrier requirements of DITO thanks to PLDT’s technology and expertise and it wil benefit all fixed and wireless subscribers of PLDT and DITO by enabling them to communicate and connect to all the services needed.

The planned facility is expected to be completed by end-March in time for the commercial operations of DITO.

PLDT has been heavily investing in its network and expanding its coverage to service more businesses and consumers, both in the country and abroad. Currently, PLDT operates the most expansive fiber optic network among local ISPs reaching over 429,000 kilometers.

Collectively, the PLDT Group has spent over Php 286 billion in the last five years which further boosted its network coverage to benefit more subscribers, helped the nation manage and cope amid the global pandemic, and accelerated the roll out of more digital services including the roll out of 5G.


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