This game was also announced last Level up! Live 2008. And now, it is now open for pre-registration!. Expect that there will be a lot of girl gamers who will be playing =P.

Can’t wait to experience Hello Kitty Online? Well, you can make a difference as well by joining the Hello Kitty Founders’ Beta!

Through the Founders’ Beta, you will be among the very first ones in the country to try out Hello Kitty Online, and be united with an exclusive community where you could share the fun of good gaming online and extend the joy of goodwill in real life.

If you think you deserve this privilege, why not tell us all about it by simply writing a short essay with the title “Why I Want to Be a Part of Hello Kitty Founders’ Beta.”

Your written work will be read along with other entries (remember, many would also want to join), so make sure you make a good impression in your essay!

Just visit this Link and be part of the Founder’s Beta

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