I’ve been excited for the coming of GTA IV in PC.After the release of the Grand Theft Auto IV for PC a few days ago, There have been a major problem for those who bought GTA IV for PC…. Story after the jump

If you didn’t know, GTA IV’s Minimum requirement when it comes to video card is GeForce 7900 but even though they reach the minimum requirement, some people are experiencing some problems. And even their video card which is Geforce 8800 are still haveing some problems.

So Rockstar recommends that to use medium settings and the higher settings will be for the future generations of computer. And the SLI support for Grand theft auto IV will be coming soon. But Thankfully, Rockstar is now fixing the issue.

Hmmm, lucky for those people who already own a i7 Core with a monstrous video card and other specs. I think that they can run GTA IV in higher settings


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