Look guys, when it comes to laptop I always prefer Macbooks but if when it comes to Windows laptops, I always wanted a Razer laptop. Why? because they define how a gaming laptop should look like and work. So what’s up with the Razer Blade? Unlike other gaming laptops, the Razer Blade has a specifications that is ready for gaming but it still retains a thin and lightweight design. It’s not really common on gaming laptops since most of the gaming laptops that we’ve seen are mostly thick and heavy. Another thing that I love about the Razer Blade is the simple yet elegant design. Actually, it looks like a Macbook with added green hues and more gamer-centric design.

The Razer Blade is now available at Widget City starting at P96,990 for the 14″ with 256 GB SSD while the 17″ starts at P119,990. It might be expensive but c’mon guys, this is a gaming laptop, not an ultrabook. Most Razer Blade reviews said that it last longer than you think. It can even reach up to 6 hours of battery life.


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