Few days ago, I posted about the PLDT Telpad, a Android Tablet sporting Eclair (2.2) and a 1GHz A8 cortex processor. It also comes with a landline and myDSL and Trish Aguirre commented on how to get a PLDT telpad for 2011. (Thanks Trish!)

It is the world’s first landline + tablet all in one oh and did you know that you can use the tablet to receive and make call?. cool huh.

If you already have a myDSL + Landline at your home you can just add PHP500 to your monthly bill and you can get one of this. You can still get this even you are not a subscriber yet. Just subscribe to PLDT and apply for a reservation for the PLDT Telpad

 Trish also said that if you reserve now, you can get the unit on January 2011. If you want to reserve for a unit you can contact [email protected] with your full name, complete address & contact numbers or you can reserve at www.facebook.com/pldt.telpad . Too bad PLDT is not available in our area.


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