I reported about Globe’s Samsung Galaxy S3 in my last post. So yeah, you guys expect a first impressions of the phone so here it is. If you didn’t know yet, Samsung Galaxy S3 from Globe is free at Plan 1699. Yes folks, just get the Unli Surf 999 Plan then add a P700 cash out and you can get the phone for free PLUS you can get another freebie from Globe. Check out my post about the Globe Galaxy S3 here.

Samsung Galaxy S3’s Specification

So what’s up with the Samsung Galaxy S3?

For those people who aren’t familiar with the specifications yet. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a 4.8″ Super AMOLED HD screen w/ 1280×720 resolution, starts at 16 gigs of storage, 1 GB, 8 megapixel camera w/ 1.9MP front cam and a quad core processor. And yes, Samsung Galaxy S III has one of the best hardware right now in the Android market and not just hardware but also the software. Why? It is already powered by Android Ice cream sandwich with a lot of features and apps like the Pop up play, S voice, Direct call and many more. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to use the S voice that much because it was noisy and the music were loud at the launch.

Yeah it’s thin!

Designed for us humans

Samsung told us that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is designed for humans and not for cows or chickens. But seriously, it is really designed for humans. The ergonomics and the curves were really good and gentle for the hand. I tried the predecessor, and I can say that I feel very comfortable to hold the Samsung Galaxy S3 in one hand than the Samsung Galaxy SII. Once you hold it, you’ll feel that it is too plastic-y but the phone is very very light for its size.

The 4.8″ HD Super AMOLED screen is very crisp and the colors are vivid. The apps opened really fast thank to the dual core. I’ve tried the Pop up play then browse the web and I didn’t experienced slowdowns or lags. Unfortunately, I haven’t tried any other features aside from that. Here’s a crappy hands-on of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Here are more pictures of the phone

The back

S voice
At the top
All in all, it’s an awesome piece of device. It may not be the best looking Android phone around but its features were definitely AWESOME! If you want to get one then you might want to check out Smart and Globe’s website. But if you want an unlocked one then check out Widget City they’re selling the Samsung Galaxy S3 for P30,800 and it’ll arrive by Thursday. Oh and don’t worry guys, this is just the hands-on. I’ll post a review of the phone soon once I got the unit from Globe. Oh hey and thank you Globe!

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