That’s the stage! yeeey!

Last night Globe launched the best Android Smartphone as of this day, the Samsung Galaxy S3 at the Mind Museum in Fort Bonifacio. Actually, there are 2 Samsung Galaxy S3 launch yesterday but I was able to attend only one of the launch and that’s the launching of Globe Samsung Galaxy S III. Aside from the press conference was a raffle and luckily, I won a brand new Samsung Galaxy S III. Unfortunately I didn’t have the phone yet. (But don’t worry guys, I’ll post a hands-on and a review of the phone soon!)

The Marble White Samsung Galaxy S III

The Samsung Galaxy SIII will be available at Plan 1699. Yes mam and yes sir!, the Samsung Galaxy SIII will be available under the Globe Unli Surf 999 with a P700 cashout. NOT BAD Globe. So what’s up with Unli Surf 999? Well, obviously you’ll have an unlimited data for that and a 1 freebie. You can choose from these freebies: free calls and text to Globe/TM, free calls and text to other network and unlimited call and text to 1 Globe/TM number (That’s great if you have a BF/GF). Oh and you can only choose ONE out of the three freebies. If you feel that you need more freebies then check out the other available plans from Globe:

Moony rocked the night!

The wooden mouse that they gave away. Cool.

If you want to get a Samsung Galaxy S III then check out the nearest Globe stores in your place or just check out Globe’s website. Some of you might be interested about the hands-on and review of the phone…..yeah…about that….SOON!.
Congratulations to Globe for having a successful launch last night and for trending worldwide! Thank you guys! I can’t wait for my Samsung Galaxy S III! #GlobeGalaxyS3
Thanks Alexei of The Technoclast for the photo!

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