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Samsung Philippines opens Business Solution Center

Samsung invited us to showcase their broad range of consumer technologies for the enterprise. Yes, these are the Industry Business Solutions that will showcase Samsung’s products and solutions available to business to improve their productivity.

These solutions from Samsung help companies to experience solutions that would surely help the companies keep up with the current technology and economy. Samsung is the only company that can provide a total smart device line-up that has really a great ecosystem. Samsung is offering solutions to hotels and restaurants, healthcare, banking, finance, and education.

Healthcare and hospitality

Samsung is offering a service that can really make a difference in the retail and hospitality market by offering devices that could really change the way how the services work in a hospital. Samsung showed us their Samsung Ultra HD monitor being use for medical purposes at hospitals. It’s really cool because with the Ultra HD monitor of Samsung, your X-Rays are much detailed. There are also Samsung Galaxy tablets being used to check the patient’s former records and send their prescriptions and doctor’s recommendations to the patient’s device.

We were also shown a Samsung TV connected to the server and you can view your hotel bills directly from your TV but the most interesting was the Samsung Large format displays. Samsung also offers mobile payment applications which will allow restaurants to use Samsung Galaxy devices to perform credit card transactions. 

Office, Banking and Finance

The use of mobile devices in the office has increase over the years and to add protection from your files, Samsung has offered KNOX which combines unique applications container technology to support BYOD or bring your own devices and corporate-liable models without compromising your privacy and corporate’s security.


This is probably my most favorite of them all. Learning inside the classroom has improve over the years. Before, there was no Google and Textbook PDFs and now, Samsung is bring the education to a much higher level. Every student will be given a tablet as their textbook, notebook and quiz paper. Yes, no need to bring anything. The teachers won’t have to worry anything if the students aren’t focusing on what they’re teaching because they can control tablets and see each student’s tablet from the interactive whiteboard. If a student is absent, all the things that are written in the digital whiteboard will be recorded and can be save on each student’s tablet.

These solutions will really bring the enterprise into the next level. Not only these technologies impressed me but it could really improve the productivity and creativity of each enterprise. These solutions would really be great for your businesses.

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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