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iPhone 6 coming in two sizes?

There are a lot of iPhone 6 leaks recently and the latest one came from @SonnyDickson and it looks like the next iPhone will come in two different sizes. The images purportedly shows a 4.7″ and 5.5″ iPhone but of course, these phones are just mock-ups.

The new iPhones will have their power button transferred to the side so it will be much accessible for its larger size. Both phones would also sport a slimmer profile but until now, I’m not sure what are those weird lines at the top and at the bottom back of the phone. I wish they were just glass because those lines look ugly. Another noticeable change on the phone is the lack of the 2nd LED flash. I’m not sure why they ditch the Dual-LED flash for this.

I guess bringing in two sizes of iPhone would be good instead of just a plastic variant (ehem, iPhone 5c). These iPhones are expected to have iOS 8 on board and I’m really hoping that these iPhones would be competitive against Android.

Source: @SonnyDickson

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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