Samsung Punch Ch@t 322 is an affordable QWERTY phone with a dual sim feature. check out the specifications here

UPDATE: Samsung Punch Hands-on review after the break

First Impression: I got a chance to play with Samsung Punch and I feel that the OS inside is in par with Nokia’s S40. It has Samsung apps (which you can download some apps just like the Apple App store and Ovi Store). There are some built-in applications too.

The QWERTY keyboard of Nokia C3 feels more comfortable than Samsung Punch for me. The main feature that I like is the dual sim. Too bad I just borrowed it for a little while and the phone doesn’t have the second sim

Kudos to my friend who let me borrow his phone!

The language of the phone is in thai, so you won’t understand it. But I saw the Samsung apps icon and it has a nice UI. Please Samsung Mobile Philippines, give me a review unit LOL

Samsung Punch Ch@t Pictures

Rating: 7.9/10


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