Southeast Asia’s leading online cashback platform, ShopBack, recently held a media sit-down with members of its Philippine team to give a sneak peek into the brand’s exciting plans for 2023.

The company reported a successful 2022 fiscal year, with over Php1 billion in Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) per month and Php10 million in cashback withdrawals from users across the platform each month.

shopback plans

To continue this momentum and provide an even better shopping experience for its 5.5 million users in the Philippines, ShopBack plans to launch several new projects and features.

During the media briefing, ShopBack’s Commercial Director, Timothy Tuason, discussed how the company plans to improve its services for its diverse range of consumers. One of the most anticipated projects is the upcoming launch of the ShopBack Travel Club in May. This new addition to the platform’s in-app features will provide users with a smart and rewarding way to book getaways, a category that Tuason highlighted as one of the top categories users look forward to in terms of getting the best deals.

In addition to the ShopBack Travel Club, the brand also shared its plans for the ShopBack Travel and Lifestyle Fair and celebrated its 8th birthday from June 21 to June 28. With over 600 merchant partners across the country, ShopBack is well-equipped to cater to its growing user base and is confident that its latest ventures will only continue to drive its success in the coming years.

ShopBack’s commitment to improving the shopping experience for its users is evident in the company’s latest projects and features. With the ShopBack Travel Club launch and other upcoming initiatives, the brand positions itself to remain a top player in the Philippine e-commerce landscape. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from ShopBack in the coming months!


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