Oh hey!, there’s my Smart Freedom Plam Sim number!

This is the plan that we all have been waiting for. The Smart Freedom plan gives us the benefits of being a postpaid subscriber without the things that we hate the most in a postpaid plan — Lock-in period and a monthly service fees. Aside from that, they won’t require you to have a lot of documents or a lock-in period. And I think this offering from Smart is a game changer in the postpaid industry because for me, this plan fits to all audiences. Whether you are a college student or a professional, I think if you want to switch to Smart you should get a Smart Freedom Plan rather than getting a prepaid.

Smart Freedom Plan Sim Package (Top left), Marcelo Santos (To Right), Jam Ancheta  (Bottom Left) and Vern Enciso (Bottom Right). From @smartcares Instagram account

Smart invited me for a launch at Rockwell  in where there are only selected bloggers that are invited. Anyway, I really enjoy having a freedom plan sim. Why? Here are some key reasons and features that you’ll be very very interested on the Smart freedom plan

  • Lock-in period is a no-no – No Sh*t bros and sis! Smart doesn’t require you to have those 48 months lock-in period but of course, the only thing that you can get is the sim (And no, there are no phones). But hey! having a postpaid plan without a lock-in period is so cool!. It’s like having a girlfriend without commitmen (Wait, what?)
  • No Fixed monthly fees – So if you don’t consume a peso on a month then you don’t have to pay anything. That’s the beauty of Smart Freedom Plan, it starts with zero and if you don’t subscribe, text or call anything then you don’t have to pay anything. Pretty cool right?
  • No to a lot of documents, Just ID – All of us hates bringing a lot of documents and ID just to prove the world that you exist on earth and if you are capable of paying the bills. But if you’ll apply for Smart Freedom Plan then you just need one. I repeat. ONE VALID SCHOOL OR OFFICE ID.
  • P600 Credit limit, Yeah. No Bill shock – So yeah, no bill shock. But what if you’re too thirsty and hungry for more credit? No problemoo! Just go to the nearest Smart Center and add some more documentations that they’ll need from you

Okay so I know some of you guys doesn’t know the promo offerings of Smart so here it is. These are the postpaid buckets that are available for the freedom plan:

There are some things that are still missing here in the Smart Freedom Plan like the Always On in where you can browse the internet by MB and not by time. Blackberry Social promos is missing here too but there’s full Blackberry services which will cost you P599 (Yeah, so you already filled up the P600 limit). But according to Smart, they’ll include the missing promos in Smart Freedom Plan soon.

But the good thing in here is that you can combine 2 promos in a month. Example, you registered to Trio Talk 150 but you also want to have a text promo which is Alltext 100. Yeah, that’s possible. You can register to 2 promos. You can also see in your My.Smart the current subscriptions.


Q: Hey Jam, I’m too lazy to search for the answer but what if I already maxed out the P600 credit limit and I’ve just been using it for 1 day?
A: Well, you could just pay your bills via online bank, My.Smart or even at the nearest 7-11 stores (Hey! 7-11 stores are around the metro!) and then you can waste more money again for more services.

Q: I’m a scumbag guy and I need more than the P600 credit limit. Can I increase the credit limit?
A: Of course! Just visit the nearest Smart Center and bring the additional needed documentations for your Freedom Plan 🙂

Q: Seriously? It starts at Zero?! Meh!
A: Yep, Smart is very serious about it but of course, you’ll need to consume at least P1 in two months because your number might be cut off

Q: Ok so how can I pay my bills to the nearest 7-11 if I don’t have the bill?
A: Smart will not be sending any paper bill instead, they’ll use e-bill or electronic bill. Pretty cool right?

Q: Sim Only? no bundled phones?
A: Unfortunately, there are no bundled phones 🙁

Q: So why should I get a Smart freedom plan?
A: There could be a lot of reasons on why you should choose Smart Freedom Plan but I guess, the best thing in here is that you can control your expenses and you can easily monitor the subscriptions and other stuffs.

Q: Okay Jam, you already convinced me to get a Smart Freedom Plan sim but how can I get one?

A: It’s pretty easy. Just visit any Smart store and then present your valid school or company ID and just pay a P250 fee and then poof! you’re good to go. Just wait for 24 hour activation of your freedom plan sim. Oh and you need to be 18 and up.

Q: Is it true that your phone has a crack on its back cover?
A: Yes! and it’s heartbreaking!

If you have more questions about it, you can contact @smartcares since they know a lot more about Smart Freedom Plan than me  

I really like the Smart Freedom Plan. The cool features like the no Lock-in and starts at zero really fits the wants and needs of a college student (Like me!) or a very young professional. Smart is targeting the youngsters for the Smart Freedom Plan. But hey, even though you aren’t young, I still think that this Freedom Plan can still fit for you. Especially to those people who barely use their phones for text and call.

As of this moment, I’m still having a good time with my Smart Freedom Plan Sim but I also keep my other network sim (I have a lotta sims baby!). Let’s see if Smart can capture a handful of Globe subscribers with this one especially in this time in where Smart is really aggressive with their #TimeToChange campaign. Anyway, if you want to know more about the Freedom Plan then check out www.smart.com.ph/freedom.

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