We hate it when we got some issues or problems in our network or in configuring our phone. And we’ll hate it more when we cannot find out how to repair or configure our problems. So thankfully, Globe has revamped their website and made it more user-friendly and more accessible to informations, support and services that we need whether you’re a postpaid or a prepaid subscriber

The new Globe’s website aims to be more user friendly and accessible to more new services. The new feature that I really like about the new website is that it is now more accessible to services and support that you need without even going to the nearest Globe stores. Pretty cool right?. Okay so let’s get started with the things that I like about the Globe’s website.

Yeah, you can log-in via Facebook, Google and Yahoo

Basically, the new Globe’s website is much better than the old one. At the home page you can easily see the things that we mostly need like the log-in to my globe account in which you can register via Yahoo, Facebook or Google. Whether you’re on postpaid or on prepaid, you can register your mobile number and do a lot of stuffs including increasing or decreasing your credit limit, changing your billing address, paying your bills and changing your plans. YES, you don’t need to go to the nearest Globe centers just to do that. You can do it at your computer right away.

The phone troubleshooter. 

Another cool thing that the new Globe website feature has is the Globe’s phone troubleshooter. So what’s cool about it? Well, you can choose any smartphone OS from the given choices and troubleshoot some simple and most common problems like configuring the internet settings.

Yeah, they can guide you.

Basically, the new website of Globe added a lot of features and solutions to your most common daily problems that you usually encounter and the services that you usually need. Yes, Globe just made it easier for us to fix it and find a solution for it without even going to an expert or to a Globe center. Yeah, a self-service website support.
All in all, Globe made a great job on improving their website and I hope that some other networks will do the same too. It is such a pain in the <BLEEEEEEP> when we ask the customer service and they’re repeatedly replying the same thing but still, we can’t find the solution. Well, Globe’s revamped website is great but there are still some things that Globe might improve. 
Oh and why don’t you check out and experience the new and improved Globe’ website
Thumbs up for Globe!

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