According to the latest report from OpenSignal, Smart has posted a score of 81.8% in 4G availability compared to the previous report where Smart has posted a score of 74.4%. While Globe has scored 77.8% in 4G availability.

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Not only that, Smart has also won OpenSignal’s first-ever Games Experience award in where Smart has posted a score of 36.9 compared to Globe’s 35.9. This scoring is essential as gamers will benefit from the improvements in gaming experience to prevent lags and delays in-game.

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Aside from that, Smart has also improved its Video Experience score by 15.6% in where Smart has achieved a score of 47.6 versus Globe in where the company has scored 39.8. In the downloads category, Smart also made a 12.8% jump with an overall download speed of 10.6 Mbps which is 3 Mbps faster than Globe.

According to OpenSignal’s report, Smart has posted better scores compared to its rival in almost all aspects.

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There were 288,492 total devices and 659883359 total measurements that was done for this report. The data collection period started last November 1, 2019 until January 29, 2020. You can check out the full report here:


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