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Smart LTE is now available at Plan 1299!

Good news! LTE now comes in a new more affordable Plan 1299! The announcement of LTE was one of the most exciting tech news last year. Both Globe and Smart announced and launched their LTE services last year. For those people who doesn’t know how LTE can affect your boring internet lives, the Smart LTE can theoretically bring up to 42 mbps of internet wirelessly in some spots in Metro Manila. In real life tests, the speeds that you can mostly get with LTE is at around 20-40 mbps. Not bad at all. I believe that is 4x-20x faster than your most wired internet connection at home. But of course this service comes with a data cap. If you love to download movies, games or whatever large files you have there to download. Then I recommend that you just use your wired connection. Anyway, do you want to know more about the Smart LTE Plan 1299? Check out the details after the break

Cheaper plans comes with smaller data caps. If you just love to have a fast internet and you don’t surf that much and download too much then you might want to choose the Plan 1299. Here’s the plan details:

The Smart LTE modem comes free so you don’t have to worry about that one time payment. I feel that the 5 GB of data per month is too small but if you’re just into checking your E-mails, Twitter and Facebook then this would be great for you. Since this is an affordable plan, this plan would be great for students too. Oh and before you get a Smart LTE plan, Be sure to check your area if you’re covered with LTE.

Want to know more? Check out the Smart LTE here.

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