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Sony Playstation 4 announcement on February 20?

Sony is teasing us of what seems to be the next iteration of the Playstation. They didn’t announced or showed anything on the video except those Playstation buttons but I’m pretty sure that this will be the next generation Playstation. Why? The Playstation 3 is getting old and it needs a replacement. Remember the Playstation Orbis rumour before? I think things are shaping up and we might see the next generation of the Playstation. According to rumours, the next Sony Playstation might also be powered by AMD processors which means that the Playstation 3 backwards compatibility won’t be seen on the Orbis a.k.a Playstation 4/PS4. Do you want to see the video? Check it out after the break.

Like what I’ve earlier, there aren’t that much details except the #Playstation2013 and the Playstation buttons. I hope that Sony can pull this off successfully. I remember when the Playstation 3 was launch, the SRP of it was $600. Let’s hope that this won’t happen again because if the next generation Playstation would be expensive again. I doubt that it can manage to overtake the Wii U and the next Xbox 720 or whatever Microsoft decided to call it.

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