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Spotify officially lands in the Philippines

Coca-Cola first brought Spotify in the Philippines and we were one of the first lucky users of Spotify here in the Philipppines. If you don’t have any idea about Spotify, Spotify is the world’s leading online music streaming service that provides you with over 25 million legal songs.

And finally, Spotify is now available to the public. Yes, you can now browse through songs and choose the genres and moods that you want. You don’t have to worry about Spotify because the service is free of charge but if you want a premium account which will remove ads whenever you’re listening on that app. You can subscribe to Spotify Premium for only PhP129/month.

Spotify is now available for download in Windows Phone Store, Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. There’s a desktop app too for your Mac and Windows devices too. Check them out

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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