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Strife is now on Open Beta!

Strife, the latest game to hit the country is finally on Open Beta.  The press launch was hosted by Strife’s official Philippine publisher, Playweb Games. Strife is a second generation F2P MOBA game and unlike other MOBA games, Strife focuses more on playing as a team.

So why does the game focuses on playing as a team? Well because the mechanics of the game makes it easier if you play as a team. There’s a gold sharing system and improved match-making system for level playing fields which are very important mechanics of the game and it helps you to collaborate more with your team rather than playing on your own. There are also some cool and unique feature in the game like pets and items crafting.
When I saw Strife at Imperium e-Sports Bar in Ortigas, I noticed Strife’s graphics is similar to Torchlight but this one has much better animations and graphics. The mechanics of the game makes this game different than other MOBA games because if you won’t help your team, you’ll have a hard time winning the game.

Strife is now on Open Beta and you could download the game client and register at
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Jam Ancheta
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