Are you looking for a top-notch soundbar for your home theatre system? Look no further than the TCL S643W. It is the latest addition to the TCL S6 Series Home Theatre range. It also recently won the prestigious 2023 Red Dot Award for its exceptional design and innovation.

The TCL S643W is a compact and powerful 3.1-inch soundbar. It packs a punch with its 70W bass subwoofer, providing an impressive depth of sound. The central speakers enhance dialogue listening. Two surround sound channels, and a 60W subwoofer delivers strong bass and superior sound quality, making it far better than other single soundbars without a subwoofer.

TCL Wins Red Dot Award for the TCL SW Soundbar

The TCL S6 Home Theatre series offers astonishing Max Audio output, with sound pressure and minimal distortion, resulting in a more powerful, richer, and immersive experience for the user. The S643W’s Max Audio Power is a staggering 240W, making it perfect for larger home spaces.

The TCL S643W is not just impressive in terms of its audio features, but also in terms of smart connectivity. Equipped with Dolby Audio, it offers crystal clear, multi-channel audio that brings your entertainment to life. The DTS Virtual:X feature provides a sense of multi-dimensional space. And with 3D sound effects that envelop you, it seems like the sound is coming around you.

TCL SW Soundbar will soon be launched in PH Market

For an even deeper and richer sound, the Bass Boost feature is just one click away. This feature enables the subwoofer to emit stronger bass sound instantly, reaching maximum output power for the ultimate dramatic effect. The TCL S643W also comes with six specialized sound modes, including standard, movie, music, sports, voice, and game mode, perfect for different viewing and listening scenarios.

Connecting your TCL S643W to your other devices is also easy and seamless. With TCL TV Ready, Bluetooth wireless music, Bluetooth 5.3 (the highest Bluetooth version on the market), and Voice Assistant, you can sync up and channel sound from any input source, giving you a hassle-free entertainment experience.

The TCL S643W soundbar is set to be available in the local market soon. So, check out the TCL authorized dealer stores for more information. And for more details about this award-winning soundbar, head over to the official TCL Philippines website or like the official TCL Philippines Facebook page.


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