The Land Transportation Office (LTO) recently announced its plan to launch a digital driver’s license, replacing the interim system of printing the permit on the back of an Official Receipt. The digital driver’s license will be integrated into the LTO’s “SuperApp,” developed by the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) for the agency.

But, is it safe?

According to LTO chief Jose Arturo Tugade, the digital driver’s license will be as secure as the physical version because it will have the same security features. Moreover, it can be presented to law enforcement officers during apprehension, making it equivalent to presenting the physical driver’s license.

One of the advantages of the digital license is that motorists can use it for various transactions with the LTO, including renewal of permits and registration and online payments. This means that drivers won’t have to worry about losing their physical driver’s licenses or waiting in long lines just to complete transactions with the LTO.

LTO to simplify and digitize its services with the digital driver’s license

The move to digitize the driver’s license is part of the LTO’s efforts to simplify and digitize its services. The agency’s partnership with the DICT aims to enhance the digitalization of systems and processes within the LTO.

Despite the digital driver’s license benefits, some motorists are still hesitant about the idea. They are concerned about the possibility of hacking, identity theft, and other security issues. To address these concerns, the LTO assures the public that it will have the same security features as the physical version. They will also integrate it into the SuperApp, which has additional security features.

The LTO recently resorted to printing the driver’s license on the back of an Official Receipt. This is due to a shortage of plastic cards caused by procurement issues. The digital driver’s license is a long-term solution to this problem and is expected to provide more convenience to motorists.

Its implementation is still in the works, and the LTO has not yet provided a timeline for its launch. However, the agency commits to digitalizing its services to make them more efficient and convenient for motorists.

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Source: Inquirer.Net



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