The Apple iPad 2 is Faster, Thinner, Lighter and Sweeter. It will feature a faster A5 Dual core processor, front and rear camera, smart cover and a lotta more

What’s missing?. It has the same resolution in its IPS screen (Yes, Not retina display, there are no SD Card slots oh and a 4G. Anyway here are the new cool features of the iPad 2

1. Thinner. The new iPad 2 is now 30% thinner than its predecessor and yet it can still last up to 10 hours of battery life.

2. 2 cameras. The 2 cameras for Facetime and Photobooth. The front camera can record 30 Fps Video @ VGA while the back camera can record a 720p video @ 30 FPS

3. Faster w/ Better Graphics. The new iPad 2 will feature a A5 Dual core processor, the graphics were not yet specified but they said it will be 9x faster.

4.  White iPad 2!. don’t mind the white iPhone, the White iPad 2 is coming!

5. Video Mirroring and Airplay. Video mirroring will be very useful for presentations and games.

6. Smart cover. Apple created a cover to work with the Apple iPad 2. You can see that in the video

7. A lotta lotta more!.

iPad 2 is not yet available and the iPad prices went down after the announcement. The iPad 2 will have the same price with its predecessor. Fore more information about the iPad 2, just visit the iPad 2 Site

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